The Work

Our Focus: Getting viral load testing where it’s needed most.

The Load Zero Foundation is the only charitable organization in the world focused on providing viral load testing, laboratory equipment and training to meet the specific needs of HIV patients in the developing regions of the world (Africa, India and Southeast Asia). The Load Zero Foundation (LZF) accomplishes this in two ways. 

Firstly, by providing the only viral load tests which measure all of the HIV types and sub-types active in developing regions of the world. Secondly, by providing everything needed to perform viral load testing in resource-limited rural clinical labs of the developing world, where the vast majority of HIV infected patients live.  The LZF provides training, low cost viral load tests, laboratory equipment, and power-generators ideally suited for use in resource-limited settings. The LZF funds everything necessary to perform viral load testing in these basic conditions through:

  • An existing network of over 100 viral load testing centers in 33 countries
  • We will also establish new testing sites in collaboration with our extensive network of partners, who themselves work with internationally recognized public health and healthcare delivery institutions
  • Making viral load testing more widely available while reducing the cost of testing the testing and increasing the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy with the goal of reaching the largest number of infected persons

You could help save a life for just $25.

The Load Zero Foundation depends on caring people like you to meet the cost of providing viral load testing, essential lab equipment, technicians, and to fund technology and lab testing resources best suited to the infrastructure and financial limitations typically found in the developing world. Any amount will help. You can donate a test for $25, set up a new lab and perform 3,000 viral load tests for around $90,000 or run a lab for three years and provide 10,000 tests for under $230,000. And there are plenty of options in between.

With your donation to The Load Zero Foundation, no matter how big or how small, people in the most vulnerable settings in the world will have access to effective testing and treatment now. That will make all the difference to the quality and length of their lives and can actually limit the spread of HIV.

Who we work with around the world:

The Load Zero Foundation has a network of partners who provide viral load testing in over 100 locations in 33 countries. This extensive network of partners, who themselves work with such prestigious organizations such prestigious organizations as the World Health Organization, UNITAID and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Here are just a few of the institutions who have completed research and successfully used this type of viral load testing:

  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, (Uganda)
  • Burnet Institute, Australia
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine IHV (Institute of Human Virology)
  • Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
  • SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)
  • Royal Free Hospital, London, UK
  • Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership, (Botswana)
  • Harvard HIV Reference Laboratory, (Botswana)
  • New York University School of Medicine, (Kenya)
  • Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Sweden
  • The University in Bergen, Norway
  • Virus Reference Department, Centre for Infections, London, UK
  • St Petersburg State University, Botkin Hospital, Russia
  • University of North Carolina
  • US California Department of Public Health
  • US VQA Rush Presbyterian, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago