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HIV Viral Load Assay Comparison Infographic


Since routine HIV viral load monitoring was added to the WHO guidelines for developing countries in 2013, the HIV viral load discussion has turned from "Should we?" to "How can we?"

The good news is that a meta analysis published in 2014 by Sollis KA, Smit PW, Fiscus S, Ford N, Vitoria M, et al. identified six commercially available HIV viral load assays that all compare favorably with the gold standard Roche Amplicor Monitor v1.5 for clinically-relevant detection levels (down to 1000 copies/ml).

Drawing on that study and information from MSF and UNITAID, we have created an infographic to give clinicians an at-a-glance overview of HIV viral load monitoring assay options today that are both commercially available and supported by peer-reviewed studies.

Comparing HIV viral load assays has been particularly important in resource-limited settings. As the Sollis study stated "Monitoring HIV VL is often not performed in resource-limited settings because the assays are costly, and require sophisticated, expensive laboratory equipment and trained technicians"

We hope our At-A-Glance infographic will bring some clarity and promote awareness of the options for HIV viral load testing that are commercially available today.

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