With over 34,000,000 people infected worldwide, HIV is
still one of the world’s leading causes of infectious diseases.

Even today, less than 5%
of HIV-positive children in the
developing world are getting
the treatment they need.

A child dies of HIV-related
illness every minute,
of every hour, of every day.

That’s over half a
million children each year.
Our mission is to make HIV treatment available to the largest possible number of people.

The Load Zero Mission

At the Load Zero Foundation, our vision is to help end the devastation brought on by HIV in developing regions around world. The Load Zero Foundation (LZF) is the world's only philanthropic organization specifically dedicated to viral load testing for over 28 million HIV patients in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. The foundation funds viral load tests designed for low technology laboratories to measure all HIV types and subtypes active in these regions through donations from compassionate, caring people like you.

Help turn this vision into reality.


Load Zero joins with Partners In Health to help improve HIV/AIDS treatment in neediest areas

Because viral load testing has traditionally required expensive equipment and access to modern infrastructure, it was not accessible to the majority of HIV+ population. Making a high-quality low-cost viral load test available to PIH will result in a reduction of unnecessary loss of life, human suffering while lowering the cost of care and loss of productivity to parts of the world that need help most.

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For the tens of millions battling the physical, emotional, and economic terror of HIV, your contribution -- from a single viral load test to tests for an entire community, critical medical equipment, or a new field hospital -- is an act of compassionate courage. Without your help, these innocent victims, their families, and their communities are doomed to destinies of despair, suffering, and death. Your donation, no matter how big or small, makes you their LOAD ZERO HERO.